RBT Welders, LLC was founded in 1992 to provide safe, quality, and highly productive personnel to support the Offshore and Inshore Marine Industry, Civil Construction Industries Worldwide, and Specialty Fabricators.  RBT Welders, LLC prides itself on meeting the customer needs in a timely fashion to increase the customer’s bottom line of production.  Our range of personnel understand the importance of delivering a quality product, on time, in a safe manner which allows the client to focus on the tasks at hand instead of personnel issues.  We welcome you to take a tour of our site and allow us to be the “First to Call” for your labor needs.  Please be sure to stop by our Testimonials page to see what our clients have to say about us. Safety – We have logged over 1,941,153 manhours with a TCIR of .63.  Our personnel work with “Safety First” in mind and are aware of the impact that their safety record has on the bottom line of business.

As for our experience, our leadership team has over 125 years of experience.   When it comes to jumping through mega-hoops, our clients call on us.  They know that they will get superior crafts, safety, and quality, whether it be small scale or a large project. 

We are a twenty-four hour nationwide service company with the ability to work anywhere, supplying supervisors, fitters and welders with all processes,  from the offshore marine industry in the Gulf of Mexico to oil companies in the northwest United States, from bridges in Bremerton, Washington, to bridges in Tampa, Florida. 

You can trust RBT Welders to have the experience, high standards, and quality you expect.